Xining traffic police chuangxianzhengyou as an opportunity to actively create a harmonious traffic e

Xining traffic police chuangxianzhengyou as an opportunity to actively create a harmonious traffic e

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"chuangxianzhengyou activities, Xining city traffic police detachment effectively combined with the actual work, adhere to Scientific Outlook on Development, based on the post, focusing on effectiveness of the work, combined with the" three building "and the innovation of social management, and promote activities to develop in depth, and constantly create a new situation of traffic management and team building.


team closely around "chuangxianzhengyou" activities, to promote scientific development and social harmony, serving the people, strengthen grassroots organizations ", to further promote the centralized education and rectification activities discipline, to ensure that all the police always adhere to the norms of civilized law enforcement team, and strive to achieve the" no violations of law and discipline and law enforcement complaints decreased significantly, significantly enhance the image of the police, the traffic control work to a new level".

to create a good traffic environment, the detachment in the consolidation of attacking and preventing the robbery and theft crime and drunk driving special rectification action positive results at the same time, strictly implement the municipal government instructions, timely implementation of the "hundred days remediation special action, the whole road traffic order as the main treatment measures, pay close attention to order rectification. In the city, highway accident prevention and cure blocking as the focus, and severely punish serious traffic violations. Adhere to the night action, strong regulation, speeding undocumented unlicensed driving, drunk driving and other serious traffic violations. Serious investigation of dangerous sections, timely rectification, serious traffic violations serious road traffic accidents caused by easy, resolutely correct the thorough investigation of strict control, found together, together, and always maintain a high pressure situation.


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