Provincial Standing Committee study network letter, religion, politics and law team building

Provincial Standing Committee study network letter, religion, politics and law team building

5 4, provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining chaired the Provincial Standing Committee meeting to convey important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping in the network and information security work of the forum and the spirit of the National Conference on religious work, the national law enforcement team construction work conference, our province to implement the views of.

meeting to study the general secretary of the important speech in the network security and information technology forum. Stressed the need to fully understand the important status of network channel business in the overall work, efforts to build consensus, risk prevention, and security for the people, promote the development of greater achievements, and create a new situation in our province net work. The meeting pointed out that to carry out the development of people centered thinking, promote the development of the cause of the network letter. To meet the needs and expectations of the people, to speed up the popularization of information services, to break the barriers to information, improve service efficiency, so that the people share the fruits of development on the Internet have more access to. To do a good job in the overall online publicity and public opinion to guide the work. The scientific and efficient use of the Internet and new media platform to carry out the education of socialist core values, especially to do a good job of educating the young people to work together to foster positive, healthy and upward to the network culture, understand their thoughts and to respond to social concerns, alleviate social emotions, guide public opinion to improve network voice and influence. To establish the correct concept of network security. The key to accelerate the construction of information infrastructure security system, strengthen the network security defense ability, to strengthen the governance of cyberspace in accordance with the law, and build a strong network security defense. To vigorously promote the development of information technology. Greatly enhance the level of information infrastructure, promote the "Internet plus" action plan, accelerate the information industry expansion upgrade, broaden the application field of information, promote the development of large data industry. To effectively improve the management and control, do a good job of online governance and social governance, building a good network of ecological. The meeting examined and adopted the opinions on strengthening the construction of the leading cadres of the Internet public opinion guidance and opinions on the use of new media to carry out government information services. That party and government organs and leading cadres at all levels should learn through the network to the mass line, and constantly improve the network governance and public opinion to guide, promote promote the openness of government information, improving public services, innovative social management, improve the credibility of the government with the new media, firmly grasp the initiative of the dominance of online public opinion.

meeting to learn the spirit of the National Conference on religious work, especially the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping. Qinghai is a multi-ethnic and multi religious province. To adhere to the correct political orientation, planning the next step of the work, and earnestly adhere to the party’s religious work principles and policies, implement. The meeting pointed out, we should always adhere to the party’s basic principle of religious work, to fully implement the party’s policy on freedom of religious belief, religious affairs in accordance with the law, adhere to the principle of independent management, and actively guide religions to adapt to socialist society. Especially according to the general secretary, the key is to "guide" to the deep, see through, to do well, "guide" and "guide" are powerful, "guide" effective "requirements, build the relationship of religion positive and healthy, improve the level of the rule of law and religious work, strengthen religious groupsthemselves;

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