Strengthen the construction of organs into the working state

Strengthen the construction of organs into the working state

Xining local taxation system to convene the general assembly to study the deployment of the recent focus

Xining local taxation system held a general meeting to focus on the deployment of the recent work. The city public security organs all cadres and Inspection Bureau deputy division leading cadres attended the meeting. The Council Secretary Shi Xuetie chaired the meeting, party secretary Ma Zunxing made an important speech, deputy secretary Chen Xiang, Ma Wuxin, Chen Yunchun arranged in charge of work.

meeting, Ma Zunxing emphasized the importance of the administrative construction. He said that the construction of organs is to play the role of organs, do a good job of research and decision-making, organization and coordination, supervision and implementation, service grassroots work. Is to build a harmonious unity, integrity of the city public security organs internal relations, strengthen between, between the upper and lower offices, unity between cadres, cooperation, exchange and communication, to create a good atmosphere in general, work and life. He pointed out that playing the organ functions, should strive to achieve the "four change" (from passive to active advance to complete transformation, from individual work to strengthen the comprehensive coordination of the work, from the simple to do article, handle affairs to strengthen the supervision and guidance, inspection and promotion decisions the implementation of change, from the busy organs of internal affairs to the grassroots oriented, in-depth research, play an assistant role, for decision-making provide true material change). "Do not let five " (that is, not to let anything in the hands of delay, do not let any backlogs in their own hands do not make any mistakes, don’t let yourself here at the grassroots and taxpayers are ignored, in their own here not to let the local tax authorities in their own image by this effect), to ensure that the the work carried out.

Division Secretary to make a summary of the speech, he pointed out that this year is the first year of 12th Five-Year plan, but also the implementation of a new round of western development policy in the first year, do a good job this year, the work is essential. He stressed: one is the cadres at all levels must be able to win their hearts, attentive, timely adjust the mental state, work into the role as soon as possible, with a sense of urgency, the Time will not wait for me. quickly seize implementation. Two is to strengthen supervision and inspection to ensure that the work carried out in an orderly manner. Three is to strengthen the construction of information technology, strengthen information management tax, improve management efficiency. Four is to improve the quality of cadres, improve the relevant system, increase investment in financial, material and human resources, the construction of the quality of students learning organization construction, ideological and political construction, clean government construction, tax culture construction, striving for the organic combination of good activities, and constantly improve the service level of law enforcement cadres.



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