Reconstruction with feelings and responsibilities

Reconstruction with feelings and responsibilities

* Wang Yubo supervision of rural people to the masses of the rural reconstruction to a warm and safe people in rural areas the quality of the project in the first place to guide the construction of

May 16th, drizzle the next stop, the sudden drop in temperature, cold people do not want to stay in the house. How are the houses built in the countryside? Is there any difficulty in building a house? Early in the morning the same day, mayor Wang Yubo, Datong Municipal Committee, party secretary Wu Hai, Vice Mayor Wang equality line, in the rain to Datong County, Shuo Bei Xiang Lalang Taiwan village, Dong Xia Zhen Yuan Dun Zi Cun, Yi Hua Xiang card village, rural reconstruction work and the difficulties of the masses. Wang Yubo stressed the need to a high degree of political responsibility, sense of mission, with feelings, with the responsibility to do a good job in rural areas of the masses of the poor reconstruction work, to the rural people in a warm and safe home.

I am sick all year round, usually a whole living on subsistence, if there is no good policy and leadership of the party and the country’s concern, not to mention a new house, and even life is difficult……" Shuo Bei Xiang Lalang Taiwan village villager Tong Zhiming repeatedly said: "now, the government sent us living expenses do not say, also help to build a new house, the doctor also very thank the NCMS reimbursement."


into a poor people, Wang Yubo will be holding their hands, low premiums can timely get the hand, housing renovation costs will raise in place, inhabitable households will be moved into new homes, what life problem, the local government service efficiency is not high, he is very concerned about the the problem. Wang Yubo told the difficulties of the masses, to take good care of the body, the day will be better than the confidence, and bless you as soon as possible into new homes.

in check construction quality, detailed understanding of dilapidated government subsidies and farmers raised funds, housing area and other circumstances, Wang Yubo fully affirmed the city rural renovation work. Wang Yubo stressed that rural ramshackle embodies the party and the government care for the impoverished masses, is an important content of "housing" in rural areas, the difficulties of the masses of the rebuilding project, is the bounden responsibility of governments at all levels and relevant departments. We need to implement the transformation of rural poor people in the old city renovation project, a substantial improvement in the living conditions of some of the most difficult people, so that farmers live comfortable room, boosting the construction of a better countryside.

Wang Yubo, from "the most difficult, the most dangerous housing, the most basic guarantee of the mass start, to ensure that the party and the country’s good policy to implement residential dangerous housing five households, households, disabled households and key special family. To strictly implement the transformation of the old plan open, the object of the family open, enjoy the government subsidy standards open, so that the masses know, accept social supervision. To strengthen the guidance, helping the masses according to the economic situation within reasonable ramshackle area and scale. To put the quality of the project in the first place, carefully guide farmers to build houses to ensure housing safety, comfort, economy, aesthetics.   (reporter Sheng Nan)


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