Gahe ndustrial Park three measures to promote environmental protection

Gahe ndustrial Park three measures to promote environmental protection

  in October 31st, the Xining municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Xining economic and Technological Development Zone, Gan River Industrial Park Administrative Committee and actively organize and coordinate, the central and provincial media reporters in the green group into the Gan River Industrial Park conducted in-depth interviews.

reporter learned that in recent years, Gan River Industrial Park attaches great importance to environmental protection work, take measures to implement the plan, to ensure effectiveness.

is a pollution prevention and energy conservation and emission reduction as the focus, to adopt structural engineering emission reduction based emission reduction measures, removal of a number of high energy consumption and high pollution enterprises, improve the access threshold for the project, the introduction of the Yellow River Xinye, Qinghai Tong, Lu Fengxin constant aluminum, Saline Lake Qinghai Haina chemical and a number of high technology content long industrial chain, driving ability, environmental protection facilities for the enterprises to enter the park. Two is to require the enterprises to optimize the production process, reduce the amount of pollutants produced, the source well control work, and urge enterprises to build a batch of new energy-saving emission reduction projects, requires companies to wastewater treatment compliance after full recovery, but with the increase, reduce emissions; comprehensive utilization of waste gas treatment process; in accordance with the "solid waste harmless, reduction technology and resources" principle of maximum recycling disposal. Three is in the daily environmental supervision and management work, the implementation of pollution sources for 24 hours online monitoring, to ensure that all types of pollutants in the park all enterprises all stable continuous emission standards.

in the future work, Gan River Industrial Park will further intensify its efforts to environmental protection, pollution reduction and prevention and control work, the construction of the park into the park environment friendly green circular economy.

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