2300 tons of meat reserves in the country to stabilize prices

2300 tons of meat reserves in the country to stabilize prices

2015, the province’s price situation is more complex, for which the province actively take measures, including the fight for the central reserve, enhance market regulation and control capabilities. Recently, the reporter learned from the meeting was informed that the Ministry of Commerce recently issued a national reserve of 2300 tons of meat in our province, have all been put in storage, in order to protect the province’s market supply and price of meat to lay the foundation for basic stability.

it is understood that, in order to further enhance the ability to control the market, our province business departments to strengthen communication and coordination with the Ministry of Commerce, and actively strive for the central reserve, the Ministry of Commerce issued 2300 tons of total reserves in the nation’s meat, cattle and sheep in 500 tons, 1800 tons of frozen beef and mutton, has all the storage. With the state issued reserves to meet market supply, the province is also actively carry out provincial reserves, the current provincial reserves of pork, beef and mutton each 500 tons. In addition, in order to further protect the province’s market supply and prices basically stable, the province is also actively carry out the county’s major cities such as beef and mutton commodity reserves. At present, Xining City reserves 1200 tons, living pig live cattle 800 tons, 200 tons of live sheep 10 thousand tons of vegetables, 940 tons of meat reserves; Haixizhou; Haidong City reserves 287 tons of frozen pork, cattle and sheep in 300 tons of frozen beef and mutton, 510 tons, 3000 tons of vegetables.

Spring Festival is approaching, the relevant departments of the province to increase the supply of tissue, increase commercial inventories, and guide slaughtering enterprises to increase the number of pigs, cattle and sheep transfer volume and slaughter, to ensure that the festival market supply. Before and after the Spring Festival in Xining to arrange 100 thousand tons of vegetables, cattle, sheep, sheep, 135 thousand, to take the meat and vegetables card docking way parity market. Hainan enterprises invested about 40000000 yuan, to organize a group of rice oil and other necessities, distribution to the township farm shop. At present, the province’s holiday market is fully prepared, adequate supply of goods, rich varieties, the basic stability of prices.


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