Negative list of industrial investment projects introduced

Negative list of industrial investment projects introduced

May 22nd, the municipal government held an executive meeting, considered and adopted the principle of "negative list of industrial investment projects in Xining". In the country’s capital city, the city’s first introduction of administrative examination and approval negative list, will be open to the public to ban 147 categories and restricted projects, involving corporate investment, regional development and environmental protection and other fields.

the so-called negative list, is the investment in the field of the "black list", not clear business areas and industrial investment. The implementation of negative list management, to reduce and standardize various administrative examination and approval, make the market more fair competition rules open and transparent, and to maximize the stimulating market vitality and creativity; is conducive to a more scientific guidance of project investment, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading. The introduction of the negative list management model, will effectively eliminate and prevent backward, excess and "two high and one capital" (high energy consumption, high pollution and resource access capacity) project, fundamentally for the project construction of our city strictly.

147 prohibited and restricted items

– 79 prohibited items prohibited from 12 aspects: chemical industry, electric power, iron and steel, building materials, light industry, textile machine made 79 negative list. Is not in line with the relevant laws and regulations, serious waste of resources, pollution of the environment, do not have the conditions for safe production, the need to eliminate backward technology, equipment and products. Ban on new projects, prohibit investment. The existing production capacity of prohibited class, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the 2-3 eliminated or closed.

– 68 restricted items: the restricted category proposed 68 negative list from 9 aspects of chemical, electric power, iron and steel, nonferrous metals, building materials, etc.. The main technology is backward, does not meet the conditions of entry and the relevant provisions of the industry, is not conducive to the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, the need to urge the transformation and the prohibition of production capacity, process technology, equipment and products. For a new project that is restricted, the investment management department shall not approve, approve or file a new project. Existing production capacity of the restricted class, allowing enterprises to be upgraded within 2-3 years.  

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