Fat to eat those food humid dampness can meet the obese women Qushi Health Network

Fat to eat those food humid dampness can meet the obese women Qushi Health Network

, 2 barley

melon taste lighter, edible method is mainly made of soup. Its main function is to expel moisture for urination has a good effect for dry mouth upset also has a very good effect. The main function is water melon, for causing the obese people should eat frequently due to edema, edema due to obesity is beneficial to damp dampness.

‘s main table amaranth as a weight loss is the preferred food obesity humid dampness, amaranth and resistance of mild, sweet taste with fat people, at the same time, it is also rich in calcium, but it also has the functions of eliminating dampness heat effect, for poor urine, anemia and other symptoms have obvious effect. Often edible amaranth can not only lose weight, but also can promote the body’s detoxification laxative The new supersedes the old.. Although the amaranth has a good effect on fat moisture dampness but for physical weakness, stomach and diarrhea or inedible.

, 4 melon


simple introduces several moisture dampness on obesity ingredients, these ingredients are often eaten in our daily life, we just for their medicinal effect is not very clear, after Xiao Bian summary believe or have some help for obesity. As a part of obesity damp dampness obesity in daily life, both to protect their own health and to improve the quality of life,

barley has promote circulation, blood circulation and the role of the The new supersedes the old., especially for urinary system diseases have a good effect, has a good effect on eliminating dampness detoxification edema obesity for people, the best way is the edible barley with water boiled, then add seasoning according to personal taste, not only is the barley the important ingredients of humid dampness obesity or skin whitening natural food.

3, red bean

red bean sweet taste, not only has the function of blood in renal water has a regulatory role. It has a very good effect not only can treat dampness, general edema also has a good effect of adjuvant therapy for liver cirrhosis with ascites. Qingrejiedu is also the main role of Adzuki bean. The red bean is our general practice to do stuffing or congee.

, amaranth

obesity has now become a public enemy, all kinds of tricks is to lose weight weight loss success stories emerge in an endless stream, now also become a slimming body brochures, obesity not only affects their appearance, but also affect their health, people are very easy to moisture obesity cause various diseases, therefore, obesity moisture heavy dampness becomes especially important, the following Xiaobian provides several fat food for obese friend qushi.

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