Ten brand list – the of dry cargo

Ten brand list – the of dry cargo

leisure time, many people love to eat some dry cargo, drives the progress of dry cargo market, many consumers pay attention to the choice of work, a good brand can make customers enjoy more dry cargo, but also bring opportunities for the majority of entrepreneurs, is very respected brand, bring considerable profits for the franchisee, become the choice of entrepreneurship shop advantage.

1, paraquat dry goods

becheery is located in the beautiful scenery of the Oriental leisure capital of Hangzhou, is a leisure food processing, production, trade as the main body, the new enterprise chain, B2C business model for development. Company under: Hangzhou Hao James Food Co. Ltd, Hangzhou becheery Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Hong Agel Ecommerce Ltd.

2, good shop dry goods

3, contact dry goods


huaweiheng dry cargo

huaweiheng, China preserves famous brands in the industry, its name is: Hangzhou huaweiheng Food Co., ltd.. Hua Weiheng was founded in 1992, is a traditional processing enterprises, after ten years of hard work, the company has grown, has advanced detection equipment.

5, Amin dry

6, laiyifen dry cargo

"laiyifen" since its inception, has a "dissemination of leisure culture, create happiness" of the enterprise mission, as early as in the early development of enterprises has been established based on Shanghai, started in the country, look at the gradient development strategy of the world ", the world’s most advanced" chain "model of development. In 2002, officially founded "laiyifen" brand.

7, saliva baby dry

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