Wugang how to help migrant workers employment – the whole

Wugang how to help migrant workers employment – the whole

At the beginning of the reform and opening to the outside world, a lot of migrant workers have been displaced from their homes, but they have to work for a long time. However, with the development of the economy, the construction of the hometown is also imperative, so many migrant workers begin to return home! January 24th, in Hunan, Wugang spring action large-scale recruitment meeting, 95 companies from Hunan and outside the province to provide migrant workers and other groups to provide jobs for the group, the 1422 found the intention of post. As a big city of agriculture and labor exports, Hunan, Wugang, the face of coastal enterprises and labor demand to reduce the concentration of the influx of returning home to bring huge pressure, do everything possible to help migrant workers employment.

Wugang how to help migrant workers return home? From the above reports we can see that in the road of economic development, the local government actively promote the local characteristics of the product. In accelerating the development of Lucai and other industries, to absorb surplus labor in the home employment at the same time, the increase of policy, capital and other aspects of support for efforts to encourage migrant workers entrepreneurship, and by strengthening training, providing information and intermediary employment services, to further improve the overall quality and competitiveness, expand economic strength, no lack of proficiency in a particular line of the employment of migrant workers way.

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