Hunan restaurant management need to pay attention to what the whole

Hunan restaurant management need to pay attention to what the whole

Hunan is one of the main China eight cuisine is famous for its hot food. There are eight cuisine brand restaurants in the country, Hunan stores will not be too little, some people open restaurant chain stores can make money, some people are facing bankruptcy, why is there such a big contrast, which of course is a skill.

now the catering franchise is very popular in the industry, there are a lot of investors will choose to open restaurant chain stores to get the business, the headquarters of the business experience to a certain extent. But open Hunan chain stores business or have a lot of attention, attention today CHINO food Xiaobian Hunan open chain stores common simple to introduce, hope to provide help for the franchisee.

1. guest group survey: to understand the local population situation, identify their own target audience.

2. do site survey: concerned about the location of the area of traffic, the number of peers, operating conditions. Determine the scale of operations, methods and means of competition.

restaurant chain stores location choice is very important. First, the office of the company more places, two of residents living in densely populated places, these two places can be guaranteed at noon and evening business.

3. to determine the location of the store and can be renovated. Consumer demand is rising, the store environment in the restaurant has become more and more high position, a good environment, and sometimes can become a key factor in the success or failure of the shop. Decoration is a very complex process, the decoration of the restaurant and the general family decoration is not the same, but also related to environmental protection, fire and other professional issues.

4. information can not be less. As the saying goes, "the enemy, victorious entrepreneurs in the choice of agents to join the project, to y grasp the relevant information, such as how the market prospects of the project, how to profit, the number of funds invested, how fierce competition etc.. Entrepreneurs can be obtained through a number of links will be information, or to join headquarters to obtain information. Generally do not have the strength of the company will not take the initiative to invite customers to inspect the enterprise, the customer is not a positive response to the requirements of the investigation, can drag on such companies as far as possible not to consider.

5. design shops and related equipment: shop style should be consistent with your business model and operating varieties, appliances are also so. Planning a good store in the functional area of the pattern to health, convenience and comfort for the planning points.

6. more and more people join the team looking for specialty food. Taste characteristics can be adapted to local conditions, in order to attract more and more customers.

7. must be prepared to do a good job in front of the shop, do a good job: in store decoration, purchase equipment >

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