The successful case of open maternal stores

The successful case of open maternal stores

era of entrepreneurship, many new entrepreneurs have started their own business trip. Choose the right brand project, to join the business to provide a flat road to riches. Shu Xiaoqin after work, decided to open the mother and child to join the store, and find their own more trusted brand, so entrepreneurial success, we look at her entrepreneurial experience.

business to find suitable for their own industry, to choose the brand in the industry, through the investigation of the market, and friends think the mother Xiao Qin Shu prospects are very good, feel good opportunity, but also spotted this project. After comparing the decision to open the mother and child shop. After Shu Xiaoqin on the Internet to understand beauty in mother child brand, after several negotiations, repeated investigation and with the United States in the headquarters of the maternal mother consideration, she found that compared with other similar brands, beauty in mother maternal and child to enterprise management and development mode of the strict and unique scientific and standardized, in the industry have a good reputation. As a leader in the domestic industry in the maternal mother mother have a product, logistics, training, service and other advantages, in the view of Shu Xiaoqin, "can stand the position in consumer intentions to build and operate their own brand, will be trustworthy". After careful examination, she finally decided to choose the United States as the preferred brand in maternal mother to start their own business.

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