The crab soup join details

The crab soup join details

in China at least is to eat, do not think that this is a matter of not worth mentioning, if the taste of the flavor, you will find that very wonderful. "A dream of Red Mansions" is one of the four famous literary work, bring us not only the era of the family of officials immersed in love and the era of food culture, characteristics, course or essence of poetry and cultural highlights. Before the court feast is the people not to think about things, and now things are equal, we can enjoy the previous Royal can enjoy the ultimate enjoyment. Valley master crab Tang Bao palace, special snack, unique ingredients bring unique enjoyment, according to some ancient tradition, a blend of Western delicacy culture essence, cause delicacy snack market frenzy, worthy of attention, it is worth the investment. So what is the price of palace crab soup to join


joined the palace crab soup details:

palace crab soup joining conditions:

1, Gu master crab soup investors possess the ability to act independently, hardworking, good moral character, honest and trustworthy citizens.

2, master identity Valley crab soup brand culture, business philosophy and mode of cooperation.

3, Gu master crab soup investors love the catering industry, and have a firm belief and enthusiasm for it.

4, have certain management ability and financial strength.


joined the palace crab soup

1, decoration support: provided by the headquarters from the site to the decoration of the guide, so that the standardization of the store image.

2, VI and promotional material support: headquarters for each distribution inside and outside the store image design provides a unified store version, equipment, color pages, gift cards, unified clothing clerk opened supplies, let dealers shop quickly, quick profits.

3, the direct use of the chain headquarters has the chain system, trademarks, management, products, technology, than to their original career in time, money and spirit to reduce the burden of a lot. For those who do not have business experience, you can enter into a specialist in a relatively short period of time.

palace crab soup joining fee:

10 million


above is the valley master crab soup, hoping to help everyone! Welcome to the franchisees Valley master crab soup! Remember to give us a message.

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