n Beijing runs a fruit shop to make money – the whole time

n Beijing runs a fruit shop to make money – the whole time

is now everywhere in the streets are not filled with milk tea shop figure, which is also the first choice of many entrepreneurial candidates. Of course, how to choose the project, this can not only rely on a moment, depending on the long-term development. Xiaobian that fruit time is a good choice, with more fresh, stylish, healthy drinks get more consumers, and according to the story of Beijing fruit time fee is not high, simple mode of operation, in 2017 the shop business is more prosperous inevitable.

choose Beijing fruit time to join, do their own big winner, fresh fruit time series of drinks, healthy, fresh, fashion. The headquarter through continuous exploration and development, has now become a bright, colorful fruit smoothies, ice, milkshakes, sweet crisp tender cool fruit milk, etc. among the more than and 10 series, more than and 200 varieties of large family leisure drinks.

in Beijing to run a fruit shop to make money?

Beijing will join the fruit time, more humane and personalized, human culture into the products, services, management, research and development, decoration, design, training, driven by the rapid development of dessert beverage market, once again set off to join the dessert drink boom. Beijing fruit time franchise fee as long as 1~5 million, including jiamengfei (+ + equipment + training guide shop staff clothing etc.) + brand management fees, you can easily put tens of thousands of stalls to open, stores, stores, flagship store, a variety of models, suitable for investors with different strength, allowing you to truly succeed!

cost details: venture shop: 18800 yuan +2000 yuan 5-10 square meters standard store: 10-15 yuan +2000 yuan per square meter flagship store: 36800 yuan +2000 yuan more than 15 square meters

Beijing time to join the fee details are as follows:

1, trademark use fee: 20 thousand yuan (authorized period of two years)

2, join margin: 10 thousand yuan (after the termination of the contract interest free return)

3, store design: 3000 yuan (including shop floor plan, renderings and construction plans)

4, brand promotion fee: 5000 yuan (brand promotion and maintenance costs ())

5, store logo and light box: 10 thousand yuan (specific installation of the actual store settlement)

6, the first batch of material: 30 thousand yuan (specific in accordance with the actual ingredients settlement)

7, equipment implementation fee: 55 thousand -8.4 million

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