The protection of women’s breast of ten tricks ‘s health network

The protection of women’s breast of ten tricks ‘s health network

with all kinds of chemical fiber Lycra nylon fabric, it looks stiff and many. But too much lace, nylon material contact with skin may cause skin sensitive, and may even have a small head off into the nipple, plugging holes or entangled lactiferous ducts, causing dysgalactia or mastitis. High fever, chills, local breast hardening, skin redness, tenderness and throbbing pain, sometimes the nipple may also discharge purulent fluid, are symptoms of mastitis.

Shangshen touch, violence

may be a problem: breast cyst


artificial abortion, the sudden interruption of pregnancy, hormone levels in the body suddenly dropped, so that the development of the mammary gland has stopped growing, acinar smaller and even disappear, breast recovery. However, this recovery is not complete, easy to induce lobular hyperplasia of the breast. Statistics show that breast disease induced by artificial abortion accounted for about 40%. The hormonal components of individual contraceptives will also cause breast hyperplasia.

1: neon

Shangshen lace, nylon

may be a problem: breast lipoma

tricks 2: surgery

breast duct papilloma in women 40 to 45 years old. The tumor is small, soft, and the pain is not obvious. Nipple bloody discharge, once the accumulation of blood discharge, the masses will become smaller, the pain will disappear. But the mass of the possibility of malignant transformation, so early surgical treatment.

may be a problem: breast hyperplasia

body pressure, depressed

breast is very fragile, they can’t be treated rudely. When the breast is a shock, the small vessels in the rupture and hemorrhage and hematoma formation, after being absorbed and destroyed in the blood, it will form a cyst. Don’t be rude, the right way to breastfeed and good hygiene habits are also important.



and most lipoma high calorie and fat like a margin, is one of the most common benign tumor of the skin, can any parts of adipose tissue in the body, but the breast is seen, the age of onset in 30 ~ 50 years old for more. ;

trick 5: diet

Chinese called "Thelorrhagia", that by the fire caused by blood or spleen liver, and kidney deficiency, so milk can be extruded or exudation orifices often bloody liquid.

tricks 3: mood

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may be a problem: ductal papilloma

Keywords: artificial abortion, Shangshen

, high calorie beverages delicacy

woman, to care for the breast life, in order to ensure good health. Here are some of the tricks to deceive the breast, do not commit.


abuse pill

tricks 4: action

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