Fertilizer ten brands list

Fertilizer ten brands list

China has a lot of people are relying on the survival of agriculture, so, as a support for the development of agriculture, fertilizer industry is also ushered in the rapid development of the great, the fertilizer industry has a huge number of brands. Next, let Xiaobian for everyone to reveal the top ten brands of fertilizer, so as to be able to choose a more appropriate fertilizer brand.

fertilizer ten brands list NO.1, Sinochem:

chemical fertilizer is China’s largest integrated supply and marketing of fertilizer industry, has formed a product development, production, import and export, distribution, retail and agrochemical services, such as a more complete chemical fertilizer industry chain. The company implemented the distribution as the leading development strategy, extending to the upstream and downstream industry chain, and the formation of the development of the mode of operation of the co integration of middle and lower reaches. The goal is to become the largest Chinese, the world’s leading integrated service provider of agricultural inputs. Sinochem brand is the only in the commodity and service in the two areas of China famous trademark of agricultural brand.

fertilizer ten brands list NO.2, Luxi:

Luxi Chemical Group Limited by Share Ltd in 1998 3 menstrual approval China Commission, in May 1998 listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange listed company, the group led the original product main fertilizer consumption indicators and economic efficiency in the advanced level in the same industry, chemical fertilizer production and sales for many years has been ranked first in the country for many years, included in the comprehensive benefit of Chinese petroleum and chemical industry 100, 100 industry sales revenue and China chemical fertilizer manufacturing industry sales revenue hundred enterprises.

fertilizer ten brands list, NO.3 Yihua:

Yihua group is one of the most influential industry Sinopec ten representative enterprises. Yihua is Asia’s largest fertilizer manufacturer, with an annual output of 12 million 500 thousand tons of chemical fertilizer, Yihua group has two well-known trademarks, four Chinese brand, eight national Mianjian products, the company has won the "national advanced grass-roots party organizations," the state-owned enterprises to create "four good" leadership of advanced collective honorary title.

fertilizer ten brands list NO.4, STANLEY:

STANLEY fertilizer Limited by Share Ltd is a large scale modern compound fertilizer enterprise, which is a research and development, production and sales of high tower compound fertilizer and other new compound fertilizer. The company was founded in 1995, STANLEY chemical fertilizer company has created a "three Chinese first": the first tower of urea based compound fertilizer production line, Chinese Chinese first generation of the highest content of 54% compound fertilizer, China fertilizer industry first in the National Postal Administration issued stamps.

fertilizer ten brands list, Meifeng:


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