Fig feast for the higher income

Fig feast for the higher income

traditional agriculture although now abandoned by many people, money became very difficult, however, as long as the combination of a new era of demand, continuous innovation business model, profit is also can be very simple. It is so, the farm began to become a way to make money in the current agricultural market. Of course, the farm wants to make money, but also need to combine with the natural needs of the market products to be able to create a higher income.

a young peasant couple run a family farm located in Dongguan Municipal Agricultural Park, with fig and pitaya water fruit picking experience, sales as the main business model, combined with the additional income part of catering, agricultural products processing and sales, seed sales, the annual net profit of about 150 thousand yuan. The couple also became the first person to build a family farm.

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farm mistress Tan Fengping introduced his own farm in Dongguan is the first planting fig family farm, Dongguan is also the first fig cultivation base, the original set of their own planting pollution-free fruits, vegetables, chicken, fresh turtle field cooking food processing "fig feast", Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Dongguan attract more the city around the guests come to enjoy picking. The current average daily reception of more than and 10 people on the farm, on Saturday, the day received a total of more than and 70 people, up to more than and 200 people.

Tan Fengping, due to diverse breeding farms using structural collocation, forming a business picking up to 9 months of April, June to May, mulberry watermelon, pitaya in November June to January of the following year rich tourists picking fig, the content of the experience. In addition, the farm has also developed a deep processing of agricultural products, pitaya, fig vinegar wine sauce, tea and other fig fig high medicinal value of health and safety, the fig vinegar wine because of good effect to the stomach treatment sales price of 300 yuan / Jin is still in short supply.

if you do not understand the market, it may be difficult to imagine why figs can create such a high income. However, the real case is to show that the fig is really a good product to create high income. So, such a rich case, whether it will help your career development?

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