The golden ratio and maintenance principle of breast health network

The golden ratio and maintenance principle of breast health network

3 and two nipples is greater than 20 cm, and the basal surface of the breast is a diameter of 10 – to 20 cm, and the milk axis (from the basal surface to the nipple height) is 5-6 cm, and the size of the breast is basically the same.

adhere to the method of continuous massage for 3 months, the effect is more obvious.

if the breast is too large or flat, can be used:

3 push breast care: the right hand supporting the right breast at the bottom of the left hand and the right hand relative to the upper right breast, hands to face and push the 20 to 50 times of the nipple. If the nipple subsidence, can also massage the nipple with your fingers to pull out several times. This method is applicable to those who are too large (


1 direct push breast with the right palm on the left breast of the clavicle below the focus, even gently push straight down to the roots of the breast, and then along the original route back to 20-50 times, for the left hand massage right breast.

4 menstruation to maintain normal.

people >

4 shape tall and straight, hemispherical.

breast has been regarded as a symbol of women’s unique beauty, therefore, women often pursue a pair of ideal breasts. Experts believe that the ideal breast should be:

ideal breast shape is full of conical or hemispherical, basement is oval; at the top of the nipple, forward and upward slightly outwards; breast skin tender, moderate hardness, slightly elastic, soft, the size and location of symmetry, located in the third and seventh ribs, sternum and lateral thoracic. Nipple diameter of about 1.0-1.2cm, about 4-7mm. The areola is slightly higher than the surrounding skin, its diameter is about 3.5-4.5mm.

2 side push the breast: the left palm and palm root for the focus on the middle chest, lateral push by the right side of the breast up to the armpit, together with the surface of the fingers return back to take the breast tissue, repeatedly push 20-50 times, for the left hand massage the breast.

6 to protect the breast, to avoid injury, and prevent chapped nipple, areola of breast inflammation and infection.

2 is located in the 2-6 breast nipple in fourth rib intercostal.

The interval between

in order to protect the normal development of the breast, in daily life should pay attention to:

1 to maintain good posture chest and abdomen.

1 plump, symmetrical, flexible and elastic.

5 in a good mood, full of spirit, enough sleep.

2 eat more protein rich foods.

8, such as both sides of the size of the moment, sleep on the side of the smaller side, but not for a long time, otherwise it will cause muscle tension and pain. On the small side massage, massage 5-10 minutes before bedtime.

7 can not wear tights or corset, reasonable use of bra.

3 proper consumption of fat containing food and sugar, so that subcutaneous fat plump.

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