Purchase measures Beijing second-hand housing market fierce cooling

Purchase measures Beijing second-hand housing market fierce cooling

restriction measures to the major cities to cool prices, won recognition, in many cases, also caused the attention of a city residents. In Beijing, the same is true. "Residential and commercial housing restriction measures, put my broken abacus." Had a monthly income of 80 thousand yuan, the Beijing second-hand housing intermediary commission business sales manager said.

Sun Yang is a large real estate agency is located in the sales manager of the Ma Road area, this time last year, his life is not a stroll around the park to enjoy the cherry blossoms so comfortable". With the Beijing property market fluctuate, his monthly business commission in 80 thousand yuan. During the day, he took the customer to shuttle Maliandao each district, after nightfall to find authentic Hunan restaurant "drink two cup", after the drunk to the bar, KTV and High". He was laughed at his primary school classmates, "from Hunan shangougou admitted to the Beijing University of Chemical Technology, after graduating from unexpectedly a year to earn 100 thousand yuan, Tsinghua University as my dumbass bold."

until ten days ago, Sun Yang is still "busy and happy", radical prices rise, the transaction unpopular, his direct positive is "at the beginning of last year, closing price of 5 million yuan of the house, I get a cut of about 30 thousand yuan; the same size of the house, the trading price of this year at least 8 million yuan to 10 million yuan, the Commission is fifty thousand or sixty thousand yuan." No accident, Sun Yang ready this year, the volume of 1 million 500 thousand yuan to go home".

but the story began to reverse in March 17th. "It’s wishful thinking is disrupted, the evening of March 26th the purchase of residential and commercial measures, simply put my broken abacus." Over the past two years, the majority of Sun Yang’s Thoughts on the sale of the third districts of Ma Road, which is Xicheng District’s leading large commercial dual-use project.

that night, Beijing Municipal Construction Committee, the Beijing planning and land resources management committee, Industrial and Commercial Bureau, the business management department of the people’s Bank, the Banking Bureau and other 5 departments jointly issued the "on the further strengthening of commercial and office projects management notice", clearly defined business projects not for residential use, new projects may not be sold to individuals. Second-hand items sold to individuals required to meet the name no room in Beijing for five consecutive years to pay social insurance or pay personal income tax for five consecutive years two conditions. At the same time, commercial banks to suspend the purchase of individual purchase of personal loans. As a result, Beijing has become the country’s first stop selling to individuals to do class projects.

the purchase of a variety of policies, to soaring second-hand housing market in Beijing poured a pot of cold water, let people see the hope. This round of property prices rose, in fact, because of credit super, asset shortage. From the beginning of September 30, 2014, continued round after round of stimulation, the funds did not enter the real economy, but in the property market and the financial market idle, behind the trend is expected to see the price of credit policy or credit tightness." Said the director of the Beijing municipal construction committee.

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