Fuzhou intends to levy a total of 6.405 hectares of Cangshan city gate town

Fuzhou intends to levy a total of 6.405 hectares of Cangshan city gate town

With the continuous development of the city, the scale of construction land for the city of

is also growing. Various departments in the land acquisition to improve the relevant rules and regulations, according to the law, in order to ensure the effective land acquisition in order to speed up the economic development of the city.

yesterday, reporters from Fuzhou City Land Resources Bureau, Fuzhou city Cangshan district town recently intends to impose a number of land cover, collective land and state-owned land, mainly for Nanjiang East Avenue reconstruction project construction to improve the landscape.

specifically, South East Avenue landscape upgrade project construction are to be levied gates of the town of Cangshan District Xiayang village, Zhang Lan village, wall village, Shao Qi village collective land uses are land, greenbelt of city road. Land area was 2.3702 hectares, respectively, 0.7427 hectares, 3.1881 hectares, 0.1040 hectares, a total of 6.405 hectares.

In addition,

also intends to Cangshan city gate town of a state-owned land, a total area of 15.2488 hectares. It is reported that the land requisition compensation and resettlement for land within the scope of land ownership and use right; intends to levy agricultural land and unused land at the district comprehensive price of 80 thousand yuan / mu compensation, resettlement by currency.

involved in housing and its attachments, the property management department in accordance with the relevant documents to develop compensation programs and is responsible for organizing the implementation of. In that day, all attachments and young crops to land grab planting, planting, construction land, land expropriation compensation shall not be.

on the land acquisition plan in Fuzhou, is a small series for you to introduce these. If you happen to be nearby residents, it is recommended that you look after the relevant rules and regulations, strict implementation. We hope that with the joint efforts of the government and the people, we will build a more prosperous and beautiful Fuzhou!

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