Changsha college graduates entrepreneurship can get 200 thousand yuan support

Changsha college graduates entrepreneurship can get 200 thousand yuan support

now college students entrepreneurship by the entire society’s approval, all over the country are actively trying to help some students entrepreneurs to carry out entrepreneurial activities recently in some universities Changsha which for the majority of graduates provide very strong financial assistance.

special funds to support the object for the entrepreneurship of college graduates in the long and Changsha college graduates entrepreneurship incubator. Special funds for college graduates with free financing, engaged in self-employed college graduates, single project funds to support the amount does not exceed the amount invested its own funds and general control in less than 100 thousand yuan; two (inclusive) above college graduates co founded enterprises, project support shall not exceed the amount of the enterprise’s own funds investment amount and the general control in less than 200 thousand yuan.

Science and technology project

to be declared college graduates and college graduates entrepreneurship project incubation base units or individuals, to prepare the relevant data, in October 30th before the unit submitted to the location of the district (city) of human resources and Social Security Bureau,   not accepted. Shall not entrust an intermediary to declare, once discovered, will cancel the eligibility criteria to declare the project. Details can be logged in Changsha city human resources and Social Security Bureau website or to the county (city) human resources and social security bureau.

in public business period, a business that will also help, for the majority of college students entrepreneurial activities play a very powerful help, and ultimately will drive the development of the whole society, to solve the social problem of employment of some college students.


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