Customer service to avoid mistakes

Customer service to avoid mistakes

retail customers in the exchange of customers, because of the reasons for personality, many shopkeepers like to joke. However, the joke is actually a degree, this degree if the grasp is not good, it may cause resentment. In particular, there are some customers do not like to joke, if the owner is still joking about the loss of the customer. So, service customers, shopkeepers also need to avoid mistakes in the joke.

retail customers all day in the market line, and face to face contact with customers, language communication, contact me. For retail customers, your words and deeds, representing the store reputation and personal charm, but also affect your business and image. So, retail customers should always self-discipline, self awakening, self motivation, do not talk, strict demands on their time. However, some retail customers because of their own shop time is very long, and customers are very familiar with, so in terms of casual.

harmless joke can sometimes enhance mutual feelings, increase the highlight for the exchange and communication; but in many cases, a joke may bring negative effects, especially some trigger to customer privacy or defects in the joke, and customer self-respect, customers will allow businesses very embarrassed. Such a scenario, it is estimated that any retail counterparts are not willing to see, but it is precisely because of a small joke and let yourself in a passive situation.

so, a joke to master a yardstick; two is to look at the object. Scale is not caused by the misunderstanding of customers; the object is to see each other to buy your account. For example, the customer to buy a small female hand cream, the shopkeeper said to her, your husband is really happy, this little thing you want to think. Xiao Li said, is not to buy him, I use. The shopkeeper said, put your own maintenance up, is the husband of happiness. In fact, the owner knows that the female Li to buy their own, opened a good joke, no matter who think this joke is very comfortable, will play to enhance the feelings of my customers.

if you are not familiar with the customer, you have to put aside the mentality of joking. Is familiar with the customer, the customer will also see this easy-going personality is not difficult, "turning the eyes do not recognize people’s feelings. Fanshouweiyun rain customers, you must be joking at a distance, sometimes backfire, embarrassed.

retail customers Xu Long is a cheerful person, and the district where the girls are also accustomed to playing, and we did not take this back when things. One day, the district where Ms. Wong chat here. At this time, there was a voice to sell ice Tomatoes on sticks. MS Wong said, do not eat before marriage, after marriage to forget the taste. Xu boss joked, eat acid, sweet to the heart. I’ll buy you a bunch of food and eat later. And this sentence is just miss huang’s wife heard, scolded him a rogue". After returning, the couple made a big, after the

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