Looking forward to the future development the market has great development space – Business

Looking forward to the future development the market has great development space – Business

in our lives, there is always a need for early education. Looking forward to the future development, in fact, the choice of investment in early childhood education market, is a very choice of business opportunities. So, business with a small capital entrepreneurs, to choose to join the early market?

Cheng Xiaozhen is the people of Lanxi, although she is the only child in the family, but as 80 her heart is strong, have the spirit of hard. "I don’t want to ‘eat old’, I want to start my own business, and determined to let my parents live a good life with me." Cheng Xiaozhen said.

why the early education market to attract investors – early market big!

for anyone, venture have risks, especially early education industry, intense competition. But Cheng Xiaozhen is not afraid of this, she believes that with their own talent and expertise, must be able to do a good job. "I graduated from pre-school education, especially like children, I believe I can do a good job." Cheng Xiaozhen said with confidence.

early education in China’s development time is relatively short, when I was reading, began to focus on the early education of this industry, my biggest dream is to have a chain of their own early education park. Now my dream is slowly."

in order to be able to better entrepreneurship, to achieve their dreams, Cheng Xiaozhen went to Beijing for further study. To Beijing, Cheng Xiaozhen found that early education is a very profound knowledge. More than 3 months, she spent all the time on the study, others are running out on weekends, but she has not been a scenic spots. Close schedule makes students feel great pressure, many people beat a retreat.

during the study, Cheng Xiaozhen encountered a lot of bad, but also the idea of withdrawal. One of the things that gave her a big blow, but also to re-establish her courage. It was one day, the teacher suddenly asked the students to use their knowledge of these days to demonstrate a lesson, Cheng Xiaozhen did not hesitate to raise his hand, ran forward to demonstrate. She can make is the demonstration did not get the teacher’s approval, but was a qiangbai: "you Zhejiang people is hypocritical, can’t speak Mandarin, want to get the certificate, it is by no way." At that time, from childhood Cheng Xiaozhen cry in a mess, until the end of the class is of grievances.

Although the teacher

blow to Cheng Xiaozhen a lot of trauma, but through this thing to make her understand, only to do their own, to do more, to prove their ability, can not be looked down upon. So she renewed confidence, to develop a learning plan, to spend more than others to learn. Hard work pays off, in the final exam, the whole class 60 people, Cheng Cheng to honor the first graduate, she is also the

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