How to join the Luoyang soup – a of flesh of a donkey

How to join the Luoyang soup – a of flesh of a donkey

Chinese eight, each of the local characteristics, the small series to introduce the situation today in Henan famous Tang Luoyang Tang flesh of a donkey flesh of a donkey. We all know that the health concept has penetrated the catering market, to seize the many consumer tastes, it must meet the consumer psychology of consumers.

Flesh of a donkey

Luoyang soup is a delicious Chinese name, belongs to the Department of henan. Soup stew soup broth into the flesh of a donkey, with rotten meat but not greasy soup, milk white, rich tangy appetizer. "Donkey white blood", is the top grade boutique. Processed by donkey blood. Shape like brain non brain, like eggs, eggs, white and delicate, color and aroma. Rich in nutrition, can be nourishing vitality, nourishing and soothe the nerves, ages, who said that. Then Luoyang to join

soup flesh of a donkey?

how to join the Luoyang soup

flesh of a donkey


joined the flesh of a donkey soup

1, Luoyang approved products and brand concept of flesh of a donkey soup

2, abide by the rules and regulations of the headquarters

3, with a certain financial strength

4, with good interpersonal and market development ability

Luoyang process:

Decoction joined the flesh of a donkey

1, by telephone consulting project

2, head of Luoyang headquarters

3, apply to join

4, signed a franchise contract

5, select address

6, officially opened

there is "sky dragon meat, on the flesh of a donkey" the proverb to describe the beauty of the flesh of a donkey. Now the people’s health consciousness is more and more strong, will have a promising future in the flesh of a donkey Soup Market


if you wish to join the Luoyang soup idea please flesh of a donkey, on our website to our message, we will arrange for staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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