Daowa s.involucrata pictures show tour pal provoke outrage

Daowa s.involucrata pictures show tour pal provoke outrage

now comes the summer, there is a TV being hit in the most recent period, that is the tomb, but also caused a lot of people’s curiosity for Tomb Raider and, in fact, there are also real tomb in real life.

Photo content is a team of the national tour pal digging lotus three endangered species, see photos are taken the number of digging snow, have been suspected to constitute a crime, the Xinjiang police have been involved in the investigation.

8 11, netizen "Snow Wolf biography" in the online exposure of a group of daowa tour pal Saussurea involucrata photos, including a photo display, flag contact way is "024" at the beginning. This makes many users will condemn the target directed at Shenyang alice. However, although the phone is "024" at the beginning, but judging from paragraph number, the phone belongs to the city of Tieling. But the number of human flesh can not be connected. This group of heartbreaking photos attracted the attention of thousands of users, many users have condemned the bad behavior of these alice.

netizen "Snow Wolf" told reporters that not long ago he saw on the Internet in the Tourism Forum drying out by digging lotus pictures,

Saussurea Xinjiang Xuelian also known as snow lotus, snow lotus, snow lotus or Tianshan snow lotus, Compositae Saussurea monocarpic perennial herbaceous plants, generally grow at an altitude of about 2500 meters to 4000 meters of the mountain. In this unique environment, the general plant is unable to survive, and Tianshan snow lotus can be in the depths of several degrees Celsius in the cold. This unique living habits and unique growth environment makes it natural and rare.

actually saw a news, many netizens are very bad, and thieves so bold and conspicuous behavior also made a lot of friends are very sad and despise the precious cultural relics.


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