Beijing second-hand car transactions to further shrink the owners of the sale or direct scrap

Beijing second-hand car transactions to further shrink the owners of the sale or direct scrap

with the rapid development of the economy, our spending power has also been significantly improved, in life, many people have become a car owners, in recent years, the second-hand car market transactions are also very good. But next year on February 15th, the country I II car five loop (not included) within the road working days limit line, the air is also the city’s heavy pollution warning orange ban. The impact of the new deal on the capital used car market. Reporters yesterday to visit the Linghai second-hand car market, found that ten of second-hand car dealers, eight old cars are not received, even if would like to accept the offer, also has four or five old cars, luxury discount of 60% is not unusual.

country II car prices plummeted

for the country on the hand of the country’s 400 thousand car owners who, in the end the sale of old cars or directly scrapped? In Fengtai, the second-hand car market in Linghai, a car door stood all kinds of second-hand car, high value of Yan youguangzengliang. BMW, Audi, MINI, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, Martha Lahti…… At first sight, I thought I was in the new car market.

"the country of my country?" The reporter asked a series of seven or eight second-hand car shop, selling cars who waved their hands. "We don’t want that car!" "You turn around and see, the market is mostly in the IV above the new car, the less China iii." Obviously, the old car here has been abandoned.

asked, the reporter went to the north side of the market area, where the car looks older, lower prices. Asked the two or three, the country I II old car finally someone will accept. As long as the condition is good, the price is much lower this week, we can accept the open look at." One dealer said.

in a 2004 version of the old manual Elysee as an example, but also a week ago sold 8000 yuan, the highest to 5000 yuan now. For similar Xiali, alto and other low-end country of China II with old cars, car manufacturers have to accept: "it can be directly discarded, the subsidy of 10 thousand yuan, sold only 5000 yuan, you sell him? No need!"

second-hand car market mutation, for those high-end models of the owners of the more heavy losses. For example, in 2003 the Buick GL8, before selling 30 thousand yuan, now only to $10 thousand in the first place; in 2005, BMW can only sell more than twenty thousand yuan, half of the diving. The most conservative Mercedes Benz S series of old cars, the price is generally reduced by 60%.

, the entire market has more than 9 thousand cars, the second is less than the country of more than and 200, are the new deal before the collection, and now businesses are busy selling the price, or you have to lose money scrapped!" A car dealer told reporters that next year I will be in the country after the second ring of five cars in the north line

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