Beijing Consumers Association most users have cut through single

Beijing Consumers Association most users have cut through single

keen on online shopping small partners must know, if you want to make your life more convenient, will naturally choose to buy things on the Internet, but sometimes the order inexplicable canceled, so many people suffer. Online shopping, but after the payment of the order submitted by the merchant was canceled, which is the so-called electricity supplier cut single". Beijing City Consumers Association yesterday (14 days) the investigation report released from this kind of "cut single" consumers There are plenty of people who.

Beijing City Association Secretary General Yang Xiaojun: typical cases we collected a total of 148 pieces, these cases have a common feature, after consumer orders and payments by businesses to reason out of stock items, system error, error, abnormal orders and product quality of these five aspects to cancel the order.

survey shows that some consumers in the business after a single cut, still received a discount promotional information on the product. Therefore, consumers believe that the business is a single use of false sales promotions to collect consumer information. Experts said that a single cut is a breach of contract, or even fraud. Once identified, consumers have the right to require businesses to compensate. As for the consumer which side should be compensated, China’s consumer protection law is also clearly defined.

puzzling electricity supplier cut single, always let people worry, a lawyer said: if the electricity supplier platform is self, then find a platform. If there is a lot of electricity providers in the platform, which electricity supplier cut single to find which electricity supplier. If the electricity supplier you can not find his contact information, can not find his valid address, then find a platform.

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