Entrepreneurs to join the nternet two failures

Entrepreneurs to join the nternet two failures

The rise of the Internet model for

now all the major industry is facing a transition period, now want to must pay attention to the Internet model to gain a foothold in today’s market, but success is unexpected things, taking the following Xiaobian to introduce you one on the Internet business failure cases, hope to provide some sobering effect on the majority of entrepreneurs.

2000, Chen Junlai to Shanghai entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is a popular Internet field. At that time, the wave of the first wave of the Internet is still surging, did not see the signs of a bubble burst. At that time, there was a joke that every tree has a venture capitalist, he was ready to jump down, to those who engage in Internet banking. Chen Jun was young and fit, and then catch up with be in full swing scene, natural feel good, remember to go to the western suburbs of his office, he was sitting with his boss chair, confidently said: "I want to be a great company." He told me his dream: "one day, I want to go to Harvard Business School to talk about his success, like Zhang Ruimin, of course, go to Harvard to read a MBA."

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