Bigamy 4 men and his wife, the 3 marriage certificate is not networked system fault

Bigamy 4 men and his wife, the 3 marriage certificate is not networked system fault

in a lot of older young people are not willing to get married, a man in Peixian has been married 3 times, this man has a wife of bigamy, the marriage of the 3 marriage certificate, another marriage for the fact that marriage.

10 years, Peixian man Hou received three of the marriage certificate. In 2005, he received the first marriage certificate in Guangxi, 2009 houmou to conceal the history of marriage, marriage in Peixian and registered in 2013, second he conceal marital history, and a woman married again. In the first registration before marriage, houmou had a de facto marriage (not married).

27, Peixian court hearing of this eye popping bigamy case, the defendant houmou was accused of repeatedly commit bigamy prosecution suggestions shall be given a heavier punishment.

man received 3 of the marriage certificate   two   have a concealed marriage; fact marriage

the Yangzi Evening News reporter learned, Hou 45 year old, college culture, had long been engaged in individual business activities.

houmou first marriage registration in 2005, July of that year he and Chen Lan woman in Guangxi Napo County Civil Affairs Bureau Marriage registration. Hou said the trial, he and Chen Lan’s feelings is not solid, after 2 months, two people because of personality affection, marriage in name only.

2009 in August, Hou again married, the marriage is a netizen Zhang Hua he knew. The registration office in Peixian Civil Affairs Bureau marriage, Hou conceal marital history and Chen Lan to Zhang hua. Hou said, after he had Xiangzhang confessed the history of marriage, 2012 divorce and Chen Lan handle. However, Hou and Zhang Hua the marriage is still full of contradictions.

2013 in April, houmou once again came to the Peixian Civil Affairs Bureau marriage registration office, and this time he married a woman named Wang Li, Hou old trick to hide his relationship with Zhang Hua still married the fact that just proves that he and Chen Lan have a divorce, is currently divorced.

the court that, in addition to the three marriage, in fact there is a fact that houmou in marriage, he was under the age of 20, by the family to make arrangements for weddings, and a woman but did not apply for marriage registration, marriage, the two also has two children.

three times in the marriage registration marriage, Hou and one of the two men and the birth of a child.

due to conflicts with Zhang Hua, in the repeated representations, houmou bigamy fact gradually surfaced.

The latest progress of

convicted of bigamy, scheduled for sentencing

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