1000 yuan small entrepreneurial projects do what

1000 yuan small entrepreneurial projects do what

2016 years of entrepreneurship, what is the most profitable? Small investment to do what is best? For only 1000 yuan in the hands of entrepreneurs who have entrepreneurial opportunities? The following small series to introduce you to the small business 1000 yuan venture.

small 1000 yuan entrepreneurial projects: early courier industry

early design tips: 1) staple food: bread, buns, cakes or other Steamed Buns; 2): pickles or other non-staple food special dishes; 3) drinks: tea, coffee, milk, gruel or other liquid food; 4) design and manufacture special breakfast lunch boxes, staple food, non-staple food, beverage in a box, so for express delivery and sale; 5) to design should be made according to different regions and different tastes and a healthy diet, according to the general quantity, the price not too expensive, if a large volume of business, will be exempted from the courier fee. If you can be 10 units per day for about 1500 people early delivery, a box of $3, then the monthly income of 4500 yuan, get rid of half the cost, leaving more than 2200 yuan.

small 1000 yuan entrepreneurial projects: Renovation of waste batteries

waste battery renovation project, lead-acid battery due to its excellent reversibility has become a widely used reserve power supply, the design life of up to 10 years. However, due to sulfation, more than 90% of the actual life of lead-acid batteries is only about 1 to 2 years, while the domestic lead-acid battery shelf life is generally only about 6 to 12 months. The best small investment projects. According to the relevant data show that China’s annual retirement of lead-acid batteries up to about 80000000, even small and medium cities every year there are tens of thousands of battery scrap. Because of the large amount of waste batteries on the environment, so the state of the waste battery management is very strict. Renovation of waste batteries can generate income, but also conducive to environmental protection, the market is still blank in the local market, the development prospects.

as an example of the renovation of vehicle battery. Open a car with scrap batteries refurbished shop, you can rent a 10 square meters of the venue, the equipment is only a multimeter, a hydrometer, a charger and a variety of chemical raw materials, with a total investment of less than $1000. Waste batteries only 200 ~ 600 yuan renovation cost 3 to 15 yuan, in charge of 50 to 100 yuan; a battery of about 100 yuan renovation costs in 0.3 to 1 yuan, while the charges in 15 ~ 30 yuan, so the profit is relatively high.

small 1000 yuan venture: insect nutrition food

insect nutrition food venture, insect active protein known as new human nutrition food for twenty-first Century! Make the taste of fresh food Molitor, and high nutrition, it is made into nutritional health products, can improve human immunity, anti fatigue, delaying the decline of recommendation

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