Suddenly there is not pregnant milk is going on ‘s health network

Suddenly there is not pregnant milk is going on ‘s health network

recently, the media reported that 23 year old unmarried girl suddenly secrete milk cause concern (women’s unmarried secretion of milk due to often stay up late to cause endocrine disorders). The physiological function of the breast is the secretion of milk to feed the baby, and only in the lactation after delivery will produce and secrete milk. What is the phenomenon of abnormal secretion of milk?

in the absence of pregnancy, the occurrence of milk secretion as a pathological phenomenon, this disease is known as hyperprolactinemia". Hyperprolactinemia patients, in addition to milk, often accompanied by varying degrees of menstrual disorders, serious or even amenorrhea, hair loss, weight gain, headache, visual disorder, genital atrophy and other symptoms, to form a group of galactorrhea, amenorrhea, infertility is the main form of disease, also known as "galactorrhea, amenorrhea syndrome".

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is regulated by the secretion of prolactin from the pituitary gland via the hypothalamus pituitary ovary axis. The hypothalamus is the center for the regulation of milk secretion, and the pituitary produces prolactin in response to signals from the hypothalamus. Under normal circumstances, the content of prolactin in women rarely, can only maintain the normal development of the breast, and can not cause milk secretion. After pregnancy, pregnant women in vivo increased sex hormones through feedback, so that the hypothalamus receives pregnancy information and rapidly increase prolactin secretion, and thus promote the secretion of milk.

why girls secrete milk. Health, 2013 (17).

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reason: irregular work or affect

how milk produces

causes of hyperprolactinemia, including hypothalamic pituitary disorders, disorders, primary hypothyroidism, drug factors, nerve stimulation. If people stay up for a long time, irregular work and rest, the body’s biological clock will occur disorder, hypothalamus pituitary ovary axis regulation may be broken, and thus cause hyperprolactinemia.

Under the control of the nervous system, the secretion of

open shop often stays up late the cashier unmarried first lactation. Yangzi Evening News, 2013-10-30.

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