Jiangmen open innovation and entrepreneurship platform

Jiangmen open innovation and entrepreneurship platform

in today’s society such a period of public entrepreneurship, around a series of new business platform, in the high tech Zone of Jiangmen City, recently there are a number of new innovative platform for people to open, causing concern.

in August 7th this year, the city office officially issued the "Jiangmen national Small and micro businesses entrepreneurship and innovation base city demonstration work program" (2015 – 2017). The next 3 years, the city will vigorously implement the "Eagle plan" to create entrepreneurial paradise, one of the 52 key base of open innovation platform is the key construction. The platform will invest 10 million yuan in the next 3 years, the construction of an innovative platform for innovation and chemical innovation network innovation and entrepreneurship interactive information platform. The chemical innovation network mainly in the form of business community to provide innovative technology and publish and entrepreneurial experience sharing, innovation and information exchange, venture capital services, to integrate the center inside and outside talent, technology, capital and other resources, in Keheng shares entity incubator center operating the project, to achieve a win-win situation. At the same time, but also the construction of Web sites, laboratories, product evaluation center, in the trial run and other supporting projects.

"Kohand open innovation platform to share ideas, service innovation and low cost for the purpose of entrepreneurship, is divided into three directions." Chen Yichuan said, "first, for those who have good ideas

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