Jiangmen to support urban and rural women employment

Jiangmen to support urban and rural women employment

now there are a lot of women are unemployed at home, at the same time so that the use of some of the surplus labor is the government in a better thing to do, to promote the women to start a business is a very good way.

it is reported that at present, Jianghai District, high tech Zone, has established 742 women’s organizations at all levels, the district authorities of 17 women’s organizations, women’s street 5, rural women’s Committee (Community Federation) and village (community) the women of the house of the 62, three women’s organizations established rate of 100%. The region has a group member of women workers Committee 610, the establishment of "two new" organization "women’s home" 29, female migrant workers flow built 15 schools, 4 registered women’s associations, and the establishment of the center for the development of the District Women’s Federation hub of Social Organization headquarters and social organizations, forming a vertical and horizontal development, consolidate coverage a wide network of women’s organizations.

play women in social and economic construction in the "half the sky", as early as 2010, Jianghai District Women’s Federation Joint District Finance Bureau, district human resources and Social Security Bureau formulated the "Jianghai women small loans financial discount management measures". The following year, the successful fight for the establishment of the Financial District of women’s small loans special discount funds. From 2012 onwards, to carry out the implementation of the Guangdong province to support the small business of women’s financial guarantee loan discount project, through the women’s Federation + Bank + women’s work model, to promote women’s entrepreneurship and employment, increase income. According to statistics, from 2012 to 2014, a total of 29 rural women to assist in the successful application of the province’s project loans totaling 2 million 630 thousand yuan, the government received a discount of $189 thousand, greatly reducing the cost of rural women entrepreneurship.

"home employment project"

driven flexible employment women more than 5000

the implementation of "home employment project" is an important measure to promote and protect the Jianghai District Women’s Federation of women’s employment. As early as 2012, the streets of the Yangtze River in the new community and the music and the streets of the village took the lead through the "women’s home" to guide the local idle women and rural women to use the fragmented time to participate in the work, do not recommend

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