How to manage hot pot franchise

How to manage hot pot franchise

open hot pot franchise, it seems not very difficult, but in fact, many businesses need to think about. Want to manage a good shop, we must master some methods. If you are not very good at management, you can learn a lot. Xiaobian share some experience, I hope to help you find the main points of management.

There is a special demand for the front office decoration of the

hot pot franchise. In the restaurant only need to smoke in the kitchen stove, but Hot pot stores also need to smoke in the vestibule function (for fire safety and odor), this is a cost extra. And with the upgrading of consumption, more emphasis on the environment of the hot pot shop to choose a more beautiful cost is also higher under the smoke, that is, from the table below the smoke sucked. Once the smoke extraction system, the table can not be moved, which also increased the cost of intangible. Therefore, the same size of the hot pot franchise, investment is significantly higher than the Chinese restaurant.

production management is very important

for delicious, light taste more picky ingredients. But many people did not expect that, although most of the hot pot category is rich in heavy taste flavor, but the impact of food ingredients are equally important to the bottom of the pot. Not to mention the old Beijing Shabu Shabu, seafood hot pot these light taste of the hot pot.

don’t think Hot pot standardization easily underestimate the difficulty of purchasing and production management, the standardization is relatively easy to Hot pot bottom of the pot, but in raw materials procurement and management standardization and difficulty of Chinese cooking is. And raw materials of this kind of thing, there is no secret, that is a penny of goods.

employee recruitment and retention is a problem

hot pot restaurant core cooking technology is the bottom of the frying system and the preparation of the bottom of the soup, this part often needs to be done by a senior chef to personally, and its formula and technique will never pass. This leads to two problems: first, the store does not raise a chef is a problem. The store is a chef, the cost is too high, not a chef (cooperation or direct purchase materials at the end) not mind at ease.

second, the catering industry is relatively low-end industries, the largest Occupation Expectation and work motivation of kitchen staff, is to learn a trade, after the day to earn higher wages or their own shop. And no technical content of the Hot pot stores the kitchen staff feel to learn something, so it is difficult to retain good cooks, kitchen staff turnover rate is also higher than the chinese.

open hot pot store management is very important. How to do a good job of products, how to retain employees and other franchisees are thinking about the problem. The above analysis of the problem would like to help you, if you want to learn more about management issues, you can find some information to learn, I hope to help you.

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