Six women daily behavior most destroyed chest health network

Six women daily behavior most destroyed chest health network


modern medicine, sebaceous glands and apocrine breast, breast skin surface of the oil is under the areola of the sebaceous glands. Woman

two, underwear does not affect the development of breast

increase also makes the skin surface acidification, leading to the stratum corneum is softened. At this time, if you always use soap to clean items from the

the local skin of the breast, and the local skin of the breast to re cover the protective layer, and to restore its acidification environment, it will take some time. Shannon

light heart. To choose the type of bra is moderate, we should do the following 3 points:

own breast, however, some of the bad habits of life is the chest health killer ah! What is the bad habit? On the collection of daily female

a toilet with soap harmful to breast health

washes away these secretions and is detrimental to women’s breast health care.

chest is a very important organ for women, not only a symbol of women’s sexy, but also a bridge between the sexes. So women should protect

do not wear bra inappropriate, or simply not wearing a bra. Choose the right bra is a necessary measure to protect the breasts, must not fall to

bra bulge spacing moderate, not distance >

therefore, in order to fully maintain the local breast health, it is best to choose warm water cleaning.

and it will take some time to restore its acidification environment.

class, the nipple and areola

cell proliferation. If you continue to remove these keratinized layer cells, it will damage the skin surface of the protective layer, so that the skin layer swelling, such

if the repeated use of soap and other cleaning items every night, it is easy to breast and breast skin alkaline, local skin to cover the protective layer,

during pregnancy, increased secretion of sebaceous glands, sweat glands also areola nipple hypertrophy, become soft, and the sweat glands and sebaceous gland secretion of

six destroyed a large chest, see if you didn’t move!

swelling is due to excessive local breast drying, adhesion and cell shedding caused by. If the repeated use of soap and other cleaning items every night, it is easy to alkaline

soap constantly make the skin surface was at the same time, also promote the skin alkaline flora makes breast hyperplasia, local acidification becomes difficult. In addition, wash with soap, but also wash away the protection of the skin of the skin of the skin of the material – grease.

wearing bra can not have a sense of oppression, the bra is not too small, should choose to cover all types of breast extension is appropriate.

experts pointed out that the use of soap often cleaning items, through mechanical and chemical effects of washing away the skin surface of the stratum corneum cells, prompting

the bra straps should not be too loose or too tight, the material should be a small elastic elastic band.

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