How to do a good job in community stores vegetable and fruit management

How to do a good job in community stores vegetable and fruit management

busy life, so that people simply do not have time to go to the market, but the supermarket is very time-consuming, so, some of the community supermarkets began to be welcomed. As a community supermarket, fresh is the most key category, and in all the fresh category of goods for five large and medium class (Vegetable & Fruit, poultry and aquatic products, cooked pasta, bread, Vegetable & Fruit) is in the most basic categories, as well as other classes in the management of fresh foundation.

so, how to do a good job in the management of fruits and vegetables category? In addition to the procurement process to purchase high price of goods, logistics and distribution links as far as possible to reduce the quality of fruit and vegetable consumption, standing in the community store business perspective, we should pay attention to what?

first, do the full mobilization of the store

this one in the community stores by the pool or turn self is to vigorously promote the sale of Vegetable & Fruit special key, because Vegetable & Fruit sales during this period, especially the workload, we do not adapt, action is not skilled, will bring a series of problems, only full mobilization, in order to ensure sales to break through the first barrier Vegetable & Fruit.

community stores Vegetable & Fruit business the most taboo is staffing up, sales performance is not up, labor costs increased greatly, and the enterprise in order to seek profit, but to improve the gross profit margin and sales decline further, so forming a vicious spiral.

if we are in the early stage, we all need to pay attention to whether the Vegetable & Fruit sales, sales personnel, service personnel or the background, whether it is formal staff of community stores, or promoters such as supernumerary staff, needs to be mobilized to help everybody in the business Vegetable & Fruit, peak sales period turns, so it may be a breakthrough in the initial stage of the operation of a lack of experience, the shortage of manpower, morale is not strong and other short board.

second, the manager should pay attention to the fruits and vegetables to the goods


Vegetable & Fruit in the care of the workload is very large, for those who are accustomed to the community store employee food and non food business, will always produce a steady a steady conservative consciousness, which is actually a personal inertia in trouble, if the manager can not to cut it in the link of goods, it is difficult to gradually rapidly enhance the store’s sales performance Vegetable & Fruit.

only community store manager will challenge their consciousness into the business can be Vegetable & Fruit, gradually cultivate Vegetable & Fruit class, and even the whole store of the pursuit of excellence in good quality, so it should continue to set new goals, based on summarizing the existing link highlights and shortcomings on to take specific measures this is the only way to gradually break.

third, do shop and shop outside the price image