What are the methods to keep people in the supermarket

What are the methods to keep people in the supermarket

no matter what kind of a shop, if you can not afford to stay, so the business development of the shop will be faced with great difficulties. Anyway, now the supermarket business is more and more bad, such as the size of the supermarket and foot bamboo shoots after a spring rain, high streets and back lanes blossom everywhere, and long in the customer’s legs, they want to buy things who went to someone, high liquidity. This requires us to find ways to retail customers, the flow of customers into their stable source. My method is:

one, save points for gifts. The specific approach is: each customer visit shopping, purchase of goods by the amount distributed to customers with 10 points, 20 points, 30 points, 40 points, 50 points ranging from card, integral card printed on the shop name, location and contact. At the same time, I will leave the customer contact telephone number.

In addition to the store for

customers can redeem tea, washing powder, towels, socks and other gifts at any time, the Dragon Boat Festival and the Mid Autumn Festival, new year’s day, Spring Festival and other major festivals that day, I will call Haruki near each quarter or year in the shop to obtain customer with the highest score, asked with their address. Then the door giving them a rice cooker or cooker and other gifts, to express our greetings to them.

in order to achieve the desired effect of propaganda, send gifts, I will hang up in front of the car to write a shopping save points, festival send gifts, the words of the big red banners, all the way to the earth to the village. Such a grand scene, not only to allow more consumers to see the shop emphasis on credibility, but also to deepen their impression of the shop, after the first choice of my shop.

two, in addition to save points for gifts, I also carry out the "return" vouchers "promotional activities. "Vouchers" as the name implies, this shop is a kind of paper instead of cash and coupons printed, because this shop is printed, of course are available only in this shop. The customer in the shop to a consumption of 100, the return of "vouchers" 10 yuan, over 200, return "vouchers" 30 yuan, with 500 return "vouchers" 80 yuan…… And so on。

return "vouchers" was in the store to buy goods can be consumed, not part of the cash reserve; you can also take home to accumulate a certain number, again the consumer shop together. In this way, a little "vouchers", put the customer on the leash.

three, recently, I use these in addition to the use of It is quite common for small cheap inducements and tied the customers, I still focus closer and potential customer relationship "Kung Fu: my shop next to the bus station, every cold or hot weather, I have taken the initiative to please waiting passengers to shop or heating summer, waiting at the bus; there are young couples or grandparents have something urgent to do, and not easy to take the kids with me, I will take the initiative to help their children.

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