The doctor moves nipple do ‘s health network

The doctor moves nipple do ‘s health network

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is usually around 15 years old, when the breast is close to the adult, the patient will find his "breast" is different. But in general, the adolescent girls rarely come to see a doctor, unless there is a serious situation, such as nipple secretion increased, the formation of chronic inflammation, emitting a smell will come to see a doctor.

Liao Nong deputy director of plastic surgery, nipple mostly congenital, there is also a part due to trauma and mastitis caused by papillary muscle dysplasia, the breast nipple contracture appeared.

encountered nipple girlfriend, men often feel very sorry, saying "your breast how different from others?!" let women suddenly feel a serious problem to the hospital.

in addition, dressing too tight, especially in the female breast puberty underwear too tight, especially affect breast nipple blood supply and distal normal normal growth and development, but also easily lead to nipple. This is the case in 2% of women.

for the situation is relatively light, you can often pull the nipple on their own. Liao Nong reminder, girls period is an important period of breast development, but also an important period to correct nipple sag.

after puberty, with hormone levels change, menstrual cramps, breast development, nipple has gradually increased. However, there are many parts of or all below the nipple areola plane, or even reverse concave, trapped under the leather, showing a volcano shape, this situation is the nipple.

(internship editor: Deng Yongqi)

most of the women come to see a doctor, mostly in close contact with his boyfriend, only to find nipple depression is a big problem. Because the nipple is a very important sexual sensitivity of women, most of the female sexual desire to stimulate the nipple. Nipple depression, it is difficult to play an effective sexual stimulation, and even affect the man’s sexual desire.

nipple depression in the sexual life of husband and wife have a certain impact, but also affect the lactation after pregnancy, therefore, it is best to correct before marriage.

always pull the nipple, can make breasts prominent, the skin around the support force increases, play a "fixed" effect. The effect of self pulling is not obvious, should go to the hospital in time to consult, can be corrected by negative pressure suction method or surgery. This operation is a fine surgery, patients should choose a regular hospital orthopedic surgery.

nipple retraction is a breast deformity. Before puberty, the female breasts are not yet developed, and the nipple is small and flat.

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