Wuzhen Millennium ancient town and the bond of the nternet

Wuzhen Millennium ancient town and the bond of the nternet

Wuzhen is a very famous scenic spot in Zhejiang Province, thousands of people yearning for the Jiangnan water. Two years ago, an Internet Conference let the Millennium town become a permanent site, let the world have a new understanding of Wuzhen, but also to the town to bring the Internet gene". The third world Internet Conference will be held, Wuzhen has entered the line of sight.

penniless tour Wuzhen

Wuzhen scenic line to pay no cash was launched two years ago, from now, has achieved the "electronic wallet" full coverage, full coverage of the wireless network and the visitors can "penniless" tour in Wuzhen. "From October this year, more than 30 dining spots Wuzhen West Gate Scenic Area has gradually realized the application of scan code and self ordering, the operation is very simple, the guests only need to open the mobile phone, the two-dimensional code scanning table, choose a good meal, confirm orders, payment can be completed." Ge Wei, general manager of Wuzhen tourism Limited by Share Ltd, said the Ministry of information technology, Wuzhen is also actively create Wuzhen business district, the various types of businesses in the scenic area of is expected to achieve a key reading.

is convenient behind the wisdom, whether it is the wisdom of the construction area or the wisdom of the city, the ultimate target is the people. Everyone has the ability to be able to lack credit management, if the credit as a scenic spot where the basic elements of consideration, then the wisdom of scenic spots will be moving toward another new height. Yesterday, the Wuzhen scenic area with the ant service reached a strategic cooperation to jointly build the country’s first smart + credit scenic.

now use Alipay in Wuzhen can rent an umbrella or charging treasure, the map can see recently borrowed point. The sesame credit score over 600 users, as long as the use of Alipay to sweep the two-dimensional code also provides credit loan service stores, you can deposit free free to borrow, charging treasure umbrella, removed from the deposit, fill out the form and other procedures, as long as in the Wuzhen scenic area has been opened for communication through any point, a you can return within a week." Yao Jie, deputy general manager of sesame credit, said that if accidentally lost or damaged, you can also complete the loss of online reporting and compensation.

at present, by the point has been covered Wuzhen west gate scenic tourist center, hotels, restaurants and other places. The subsequent 100 credit borrowing will be in full swing in Wuzhen West Gate Scenic Spot and Ukraine Village Resort, 1000 umbrellas, 500 charging treasure, will allow visitors to Wuzhen and live in Wuzhen residents no longer have to forget a rainy day umbrella, mobile phone no electricity trouble.

in addition, scenic spots launched a free deposit hotel credit fell sharply in Wuzhen, tourists check-in, check-out time, and eliminates the waiting queue of customers, to optimize the customer experience, reduce the workload of the hotel reception staff; at the same time, is also a great help to recommend traffic of Wuzhen West Gate Scenic Hotel upgrade

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