Zhao Shicheng think about the luxury electricity supplier

Zhao Shicheng think about the luxury electricity supplier

behind every successful entrepreneur, have a hard entrepreneurial process. The following is the founder of Zhao Shicheng, founder of the product network is still self described, the expression of the luxury electricity supplier on the thinking of Zhao Shicheng. Zhao Shicheng in the field of luxury electric providers to touch the cards rolling for 2 years, which has gone through a lot of trial and error, and finally explore a light luxury road.

2005 years after returning home, I found that the contractor is burning, will start from the background service start, founder of the Winteam news company, dedicated to the bank to do the overall solution of credit cards, such as online shopping mall; also the founder of the private catering enterprises to do online, the background of the customer relationship management.

2011 I founded the Shang product network, committed to doing light luxury, from clothing, shoes, bags, three categories start. I do a good job in the preparation of the long-term war – high-end goods are needed to support, just like the new world under the line, do not look so prosperous now, the first three years is also very difficult.

the beginning we have some experience, for example, into a 10 million yuan luxury goods, spent a year to clear inventory. Later, most of the buyers we are looking for are overseas Chinese, they both know the luxury

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