5 bad habits may cause breast deformation 3 strokes teach women to prevent ‘s health netw

5 bad habits may cause breast deformation 3 strokes teach women to prevent ‘s health netw

a lot of women like to sleep in their faces when they sleep. Sleep will direct extrusion breast, breast tissue injury. Face down for a long time, women’s breast tissue will be too much pressure, leading to premature aging of the breast, skin relaxation, breast deformation outside the expansion, poor blood circulation of the breast and other issues. And lying on the bed will also pressure the heart and lungs, the impact of breathing, is not conducive to improving the quality of sleep.

tummy sleeping

to conserve the chest, in addition to avoid the above 5 breast health errors, but also to do the following 3 points:

women want a plump perfect breasts, but life in a lot of bad habits, is the cause of breast deformation "culprit", must pay attention to avoid these bad habits, do breast health care.

a lot of girls because of fear of fat reasons, often do not eat this, it does not eat, but the breast is a fat organ, refused to have oil and water girls, is not a big chest. So to breast, the first step is to supplement nutrition. Eat meals containing whole grains or whole wheat bread, the best way is to add breakfast every day, a cup of milk a day, and one day a vitamin.

employees except the sleeping time, most of the time to sit, sit for a day, a lot of female office workers, due to the long sedentary, menstruation and menstrual period often have severe pain, this is because of the lack of exercise and sedentary normal blood circulation disorder, so that. The lack of blood is the main cause of breast aging, when you breathe more and more shallow, blood circulation gradually slowed down, the breast will lack the sense of inflation and inflation, gradually sagging!

breast is a symbol of women, so to make themselves full of feminine, do not pay attention to the normal blood circulation. Pay attention to your menstrual cycle is normal, menstrual bleeding amount is too much or too little, menstrual blood is black or weak

many women usually like to hold their arms, which is the most unfavorable position of the breast. Arm will be held at the same time on both sides of the breast to form a serious oppression, so that it is under strong external pressure deformation. For a long time, not only to lose a strong breast rounded curve, cause breast sagging, serious will affect breast development.

chest massage can enhance the ligament flexibility, so as to achieve compact full effect. But if it is to long time to massage the breast, causing relaxation, may also be out of shape. Cause abnormal swelling; and if the pat or massage down will only make the breast smaller and smaller.



sufficient blood

supplement nutrition

error massage

wear underwear

too small bra will affect the development of the chest, while wearing a long bra may also lead to sagging breasts. With the change of age as well as before marriage or after pregnancy, women’s breast size will change, then buy bra to adjust the size, after trying to buy.

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