How to face the vicious competition

How to face the vicious competition

there is competition, which is a very normal thing, after all, in the current business market, competition has become a shop where there is a "appendage"". However, some competition is a vicious competition, if the shop is not handled properly, will have a very negative impact on the operation of the entire store. So, how to face the vicious competition?

since people have entered into an industry, competition is everywhere. At the same time, the competition is also taking place in the competition. Especially in today’s cosmetics business, in the face of malicious competition, cosmetics store managers how to deal with it?

malicious competition, the main manifestation is slander opponents, raise their opponent down in at the same time, said their cosmetic effect is good, and that rival the use of commodities not effective, or simply as a fake, defective, even making rumors, said a customer with a cosmetics store. What are the adverse reaction.


for some time, we are arch-criminal hard to find this libel phenomenon, it is difficult to believe that this is for the competitors, so once found a shop to belittle their speech, we should promptly investigate, to.

This kind of phenomenon of

treatment, we should promptly and warn each other opponents showdown, don’t do this, even to warn him. The two cosmetics stores choose a lot of the same brand of cosmetics, and even may purchase channels are the same, with each other on their own goods?

light and the other argument is not enough, for their own rumor, you can make the other public apology, if you do not see each other’s sincerity, you can vigorously publicize the truth, so that consumers see the true face of the rumor.

there is a vicious competition, belong to the low price behavior. Some cosmetics shop for a long time, with a stable economic base, they face a number of shops just started operations, will use the means to keep the prices down, the market price of goods, in order to attract customers. At that time, the newly opened cosmetics shop, because there is no income, naturally do not dare to put the price too low, it is difficult to maintain the operation.

in the face of this phenomenon, we have to remember that if the other party to lower the price to the cost of goods, which in the economic law is not allowed, we can go to the complaint. If it is not lower than the cost, others can cut prices, we can also cut prices for a long time, who can not stand the profit is too low.

no matter what kind of competition opponents take, if we want to make their own business has a good development, the first natural need to recognize this competition. In short, such as cosmetics store sales of goods, we have to correctly understand the various competitive behavior, for vicious competition to crack down, vicious revenge is not necessarily >

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