What are the general consumers of adult products

What are the general consumers of adult products


decided to invest to do Adult supplies business, want to open a shop like this, but if consumers are not clear, without a clear consumption object, want to store business for bigger, will undoubtedly face bigger problems. So, what are the general consumers of adult products?

who is enjoying adult supplies

so, who are the real users of adult products? In an interview, the reporter learned that the market is far greater than the average adult imagination much. Into the adult supplies store to buy more than 85% of the men, the age span is relatively large, from the age of 20 to the age of 60, of which the majority of men around the age of 40.

"money, no money to buy, there are cars to buy, there are migrant workers to buy." A front door boss said. Basically all the Adult supplies stores are open 24 hours, most of the buyers are beyond all expectations, and not as people imagine in the dead of night when the day come to buy, buyers accounted for the majority, but relatively less at night. In these male buyers, in addition to buy Contraceptives, to buy aphrodisiac female supplies the majority. In the front door, South Station and other passenger flow is relatively large, travel buyers accounted for the majority.

in addition to the field to travel outside the buyer, the field is also the main source of local people to the local specialty stores. "People from small places are willing to buy in Beijing, because there are many varieties and tricks, many of which they have never seen before." The front door of a boss pointing to a more than and 600 dollar simulation doll told reporters that there have been two tourists to Beijing, Nanchang, a young man bought a pair of.

a lot of people think that these things are not used between husband and wife, but almost every adult store operators have mentioned that the use of this can increase the fun between husband and wife". A woman about 40 years old, said: "married for a long time, the husband and wife life is boring, with this can bring freshness to life, but also help to increase the feelings of the couple." Because Chinese always reserved, no specific data show the percentage of Adult supplies into the ordinary couple’s bedroom, but in foreign countries, between husband and wife with Adult supplies and what not get excited over a little thing. In Taiwan, will also be referred to as adult products "fun", which means that couples can add spice to life.

in unannounced visits, there is a purpose to let reporters surprise. A shop owner recommended to reporters a special purpose of the simulation doll: you can buy a leadership ah! For example, if you lead a middle-aged widowed, you buy a good doll to him, he will be sure to look at you! This is not more than the delivery of wine to give the leadership of the heart?" Heard to buy a doll can be sent to the leadership, the reporter can not help but be surprised to see the reporter’s look, the boss a little proud: I did not expect it

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