Liaocheng highest 3 million yuan loan guarantee

Liaocheng highest 3 million yuan loan guarantee

A series of

social business loans for many people around the launch of the gem actually played a very good help, at the same time, in today’s such a background in Liaocheng, the maximum amount of 3 million yuan loan guarantee business.

support at all levels of human resources and social security departments, women’s organizations, relying on the existing national or university student business incubator platform, or through the adoption of "+ University + government + social support mode of mass organization, construction for female entrepreneurship entrepreneurial characteristics demonstration, training, training, business incubators, provide policy advice and other places," one-stop business services for the entrepreneurial intention of women, to help more women entrepreneurs realize their entrepreneurial dreams. Focus on the recommended business incubator and Venture Park of city women’s Federation building or, in line with the conditions identified as municipal incubation bases and demonstration park, given the highest 500 thousand yuan each premium.

to one-time start-up subsidies and subsidies to develop entrepreneurial positions as the focus, improve the implementation of policies to support entrepreneurship. Small and micro businesses for the first time to obtain a business license and the normal operation of more than 1 years, giving not less than 12 thousand yuan of one-time start-up subsidies; to absorb employment and signed more than 1 years of fixed-term labor contract, giving each post 2000 yuan one-time venture post development subsidies. To strengthen the support of venture capital loans to entrepreneurs and women founded by small businesses to provide the maximum amount of 100 thousand yuan and $3 million of venture capital loans, and in accordance with the provisions of discount. Reduce the threshold of counter guarantees, standardize the work process, the implementation of flexible and diverse security and counter guarantees, the smooth flow of female entrepreneurs guarantee loans green channel".

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