Do not know how to do the same as a successful restaurant

Do not know how to do the same as a successful restaurant

do you need to know the new restaurant catering business knowledge? It is necessary to use the knowledge of food and beverage to be able to become a successful food and beverage? NO, there is such a person, he can not be ignorant of food and beverage, but he made the restaurant fame.

Zhang Zhuojun university major is tourism, graduated 10 years doing tourism. He knows nothing about food and drinks, but he runs a restaurant and is famous in the local area. A layman, how to run a restaurant


location: for the provincial cost, avoid the central area

a pedestrian restaurant opened, the first is to site, such as the calculation of the flow of people, consumer groups, as well as the calculation of rental costs. Shopping centers, residential areas or commercial buildings, but Zhang Zhuojun in the location of the choice of the airport road, Chengdu Institute of Information Engineering in the vicinity of a 160 square meters of small restaurants, Sichuan chongqing. The reason is very simple, cheap rent, loss of business can afford. In accordance with the perspective of the industry, the restaurant location is inappropriate.

Zhang Zhuojun at that time is considered, the shop a little bit, but the rent can be done to save some food. The most important thing is to open a small restaurant is not the characteristics of the dishes, only delicious dishes and characteristics, in order to attract guests and retain guests.

positioning: the main characteristics of meat and fish dishes

at that time, Zhang Zhuojun heard his hometown Beidu fish especially delicious, he immediately invited to spend money at a fish master, and he is also the restaurant positioning themselves in the characteristics of fish dishes on. At that time, the store owner pushed a fragrance fish dishes, vegetables, after the introduction of good customer response. But the problem is, this fish is used in the main material catfish, the price is more expensive. With fish seasoning also must be used when the property of pepper, pickled cabbage, pickled vegetable oil, etc., the cost is high. The business is done, but by the end of the month, Zhang Zhuojun found that the profit is very low.

in order to reduce costs, to find the integrity of the supplier, Zhang Zhuojun often run at the time of the two procurement, and ultimately he will do this dish up, and has been recognized by diners.

development: distinction, different positioning

shop to do it, but the customer is not satisfied with the location of the store decoration. At that time, a frequent complaint that the food is delicious, but too shabby, not enough face. So, Zhang began to consider opening a large restaurant. The second has a business area of nearly 600 square meters, with 6 rooms in Sichuan and Chongqing Nga appeared.

this store is added first store, dish is copied or another Qi.

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