Chongqing or build third coffee futures trading center

Chongqing or build third coffee futures trading center

coffee as a very popular drink, is also very common in our lives, but also a worldwide beverage, and now many Chinese people have developed a habit of drinking coffee.

the first trip to Chongqing New Europe International Coffee train CDB


yuxinou (Chongqing) Logistics Co. Ltd. general manager Dan paint told reporters that the coffee train is the Chongqing New Europe railway since the opening of the first bulk food train, it can not only enlarge the Chongqing New Europe railway transport the variety of goods will also expand sources of goods to Yunnan area, great the meaning of.

in tomorrow’s trains, the future through the Chongqing New Europe railway, hogu coffee will be mainly exports to Europe coffee beans, baked beans, Instant Coffee and grinding powder, to meet the different needs of customers in europe. "Every month there will be 3-4 times a special train to Europe, the value of each train will not be less than 60 million yuan cargo." Dehong Valley coffee chairman Xiong Xiangren said.

it is reported that the Yunnan coffee planting area and output accounted for the vast majority of China, but located in southwest Chinese, Yunnan coffee brand, trade is relatively backward. After Valley coffee aware of the bottleneck of brand development, is gradually adjust the development strategy, the future, there may be a kind of coffee in Yunnan, in Chongqing to sell coffee pattern.

hogood coffee bear phase chairman said the European consumption of coffee are from asia. As a leading enterprise Chinese Valley coffee hopes to Chongqing’s geographical advantages, logistics and coffee spot trade, and on the basis of force development of futures trading, the construction of the world’s third largest coffee futures trading center.

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