Be careful not to wear bra breast skin allergy female health network

Be careful not to wear bra breast skin allergy female health network

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if you are wearing more clothes next to the skin, if not wearing a bra will accidentally appear Jitu, it affects the appearance, especially in the social atmosphere is not so open Chinese, always attracted attention, so in appropriate situations, wearing the right bra is the basic etiquette.

of course, if you feel sagging breasts, deformation does not matter, you can boldly liberate their breasts, of course, at the same time to pay attention to the material of their clothes, do not hurt the breast.

if a woman is not exposed to gravity or is pregnant, so her chest of fibrous tissue can maintain good elasticity, but we also know that in normal life, this is impossible. So if you are worried about the sagging breasts of women (especially the more plump breasts of women), it is recommended that you can always wear a bra at all times, especially in sports, but also to wear sports underwear.

2, damage nipple, cause skin allergies

3, easy chest sagging

is now a lot of clothes are made of chemical fiber, if you do not wear a bra, the clothes will be on the local skin of the breast nipple repeated friction, serious and even cause skin damage, causing inflammation. Especially when in motion, because the motion of the friction will be more intense, and the exercise will be a lot of sweat, in the interaction of these two factors, will be more likely to cause skin damage, inflammation of the nipple.

guidance expert

1, affect the appearance of

Chen Zuhui, the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University (Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Hos).

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