Shenyang entrepreneurs can apply for interest free loans

Shenyang entrepreneurs can apply for interest free loans

young entrepreneurs in the early stages of entrepreneurship will often encounter problems of lack of funds. Shenyang young entrepreneurs will no longer bother, a good news about entrepreneurship will make them very happy this year, entrepreneurs can apply for interest free loans in Shenyang.

for better support for college students and youth employment, this year, Shenyang set up 50 million not-for-profit policy funds to "fund" college students and youth employment and entrepreneurship development in Shenyang, specifically for the support of college students and young entrepreneurs.

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the entrepreneurial intention of college students and youth groups in Shenyang; registered in Shenyang City, which has an independent legal personality, the relationship between tax in Shenyang city; college students and young entrepreneurial enterprises and projects, in line with national industrial policy and the city’s industrial development and upgrading and the direction of economic restructuring, can apply for the fund. The application process involves submitting the application form, business plan and other related information. By the relevant departments of the preliminary examination, interview, expert review, Bank review and other links.

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