How to avoid the shortage of zero cash in retail business

How to avoid the shortage of zero cash in retail business

small trading transaction are generally small, the change has become a very normal thing, it requires owners can have sufficient lingchao. However, how do you avoid this situation when you are in a retail business that is experiencing a shortage of zero? I summed up two tips to share with peers.

is often to the customer "to" zero. For example, a customer to buy a pack of 17 yuan, Yellow Crane Tower smoke, the customer to $20, you want to find him $3. At this point, you can ask the customer: do you have 2 yuan? You give me 2 yuan, I find you $5." If the customer has a lot of 1 yuan coins and put up more trouble, he may be more willing to exchange into 5 yuan or $10 notes.

two is their own to the market to buy food, as far as possible with the whole money for zero. For example, you buy 6 yuan vegetables, you give him $10, he find you 4 yuan, you can save up. When going out, we should use the whole money, collect, save zero.

is now a lot of retail owners because there is no zero sum and affect the development of the business, but if you can grasp the relevant methods, the accumulation of zero will be very easy. And often collected through these methods, the accumulation of zero notes, to prepare for a rainy day. When customers or neighbors have the need for change, we can also be generous to provide them with convenience, people have great benefits to themselves.

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