The 8 part of the body is more ugly woman health health network

The 8 part of the body is more ugly woman health health network

is not deaf ears old less leg injuries.

, a good heart and blood vessels butt

four, the nose is not easy to get a cold

of the University of Iowa study found that the greater the probability of the nose inhalation of dust and other pollutants, but will reduce its ability to resist the harmful bacteria is also stronger, so people are very much big nose cold or flu.


six, toe sprint fast

a number of studies have shown that the buttocks of the human body, the "bad cholesterol" level is lower, "good cholesterol" level is higher, so the risk of cardiovascular sclerosis is smaller. The University of Oxford study also found that people with large hips were at a low risk of developing diabetes.

biomedical experts Ralph? Dr. Holm said, the greater the external ear canal, to get the sound more clear, so few people with big ears due to aging and deafness.

two, a long mole much old slow

Turkey researchers found that breast more big, especially D cup or more people, more prone to upper back pain and spinal curvature, breast is not small. From the point of view of sex, the sensitivity of small breasts to caress is stronger than big breasts.

seven, the

body mole is not only ugly, but also increases the risk of skin cancer 10 times. But on the other hand, University of London Kings College scientists completed the latest research shows that compared with no moles, multiple mole people younger than age 6 – 7 years old, and likely to suffer from heart disease and osteoporosis and other diseases of aging is relatively low.

‘s new study shows that in the process of human evolution, the shorter the toes in order to run faster. Long toes involve more muscles and bones, so running strenuous, poor damping effect.

five, thigh thick heart good

three, breast small spine more straight

the latest study found that people with flat feet foot and leg injuries, 6 times as high as 20% foot high risk than those injured.

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Denmark, a 12 year period, involving a study of 3000 men, the thigh circumference of more than 60 cm, leg muscle strength, early death and heart disease risk greatly reduced.

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